Most people do not start training their dogs with the intention of showing the dog or getting competitive titles, let alone placing and winning the events they enter.  However, an astounding number of dogs from Crawmer's Animal Training end up doing exactly that.           

                       Kaylie Entered and Kaylie WON!!

Kaylie and her labrador
retriever, Pinky, cleaned up at the Patroon Dog Training Club trial.

       1st place in 
    Beginner Novice           

    2nd place in Rally                   Novice A

This was Kaylie's first time showing in these classes!

Great job Kaylie and                       Pinky!  

Kaylie's mother,  Shari, entered her own labrador retriever puppy, Lima Bean,  in the puppy's first competition
She came away with a leg in Rally Novice A and the puppy's first leg towards the title   .............Congratulations, Shari and "Beanie"


     Kaylie demonstrates that training 
              has practical purposes
A trained dog is comfortable anywhere!

          Here is one for the record books!! 

        Trainer, Karleen Hayden has piloted Darby to the following titles:

AKC Rally, RN, RA, RE
AKC Obedience  OBN
                             CL-2 R,H,S, F
                             CL-3 R,H,F

Pictured here with a few of her ribbons

Darby is a 4 year old mixed breed (or All American) dog who was picked up by the side of the road in South Carolina when she was 8 weeks old.  

When she arrived in New York 2 years later she was a gentle, loving little dog devoted to her family.  However, she suffered from severe shyness around strange dogs and humans and would cower and/or run and hide.  

Darby began training with Crawmer's Animal Training shortly after her arrival here, attending obedience and agility classes, both of which increased Darby's confidence and allowed her to socialize with dogs and people in a structured, safe environment.  

Now she attends classes confidently and, while still a little shy at shows, she is becoming an experienced competitor.  

Darby is a quick learner and at her first AKC Obedience trial, won the class and her first leg toward her title.  To date, Darby has completed the requirements for both  the AKC Beginner Novice Obedience and AKC Novice Rally titles.
She is moving on now to her next titles in both Advanced Rally and  Novice Obedience!                 



Finished his title on 2/6/16

with a 2nd place win in AKC Novice Rally

Congratualtions to
 Blitzen and Laura! 


 is a 4 year old Flat Coat Retriever/Lab and Husky mix.  He came from a human society from a litter of 12 puppies.  All the puppies were named after Santa's reindder.  He is a happy well behaved dog.

He started showing in AKC Rally and quickly got 2 legs toward Novice Rally....

Congratulations to this         incredible team!

Blitzen is pictured with his proud owner, Laura

            & Heather

  My name is Lily and I am a 3 year old Silky-Schnoodle.  I wasn't being such a good girl until I started going to Crawmer's ?Animal Training.  Now I am a much better version of myself and I have lots of dogs that are my friends.  I have been going to classes for 18 fun months.  I love to be active and I like to have fun things to do.  In my training i have learned so many commands.  I can walk politely on my leash, do a beginner rally course and my favorite thing at Crawmer's is the agility equipment.  I love agility.  I would do it all day if I could.  I go through tunnels, ride the seesaw, bound over ramps and jump through hoops.  It is such a blast.  Did I mention the treats?  I get a lot of treats.  I am so comfortable on the equipment now.  I have plans to win a competition some day!  I have learned that it is important to please my humans mostly because they are the ones that drive me to my classes.      

  From Crawmer's.......We suspect that Lily's owner, Heather, may have helped with Lily's story


          On September 2013 at the  Patroon Dog Training Club AKC Obedience and Rally Trial 
                                    Crawmer's Animal Training students did quite well.

In their  very first competition Kelsey Thomas and her young pitbull/boxer mix Riley couldn't have done much better! Riley was entered in two classes, Beginner Novice Obedience and Novice Rally Obedience.  The two photos below show her result.  Two classes entered: TWO FIRST PLACES and two legs toward her future AKC titles.  GREAT JOB, Kelsey and Riley.  Riley will be a year and a half old in December after which she will start her agility competition career.

  Riley and Kelsey Thomas at the  Patroon Dog       Training Club  AKC trial with the first of their two first     place ribbons and her qualifying ribbons

                                                                         Kelsey and Riley
FLASH!  At their 2nd competition in Springfield Mass Kelsey and Riley qualified in BOTH Beginner Novice and Novice Rally for their second leg in both.  Fantastic accomplishment in so short a time!  Congratulations!!


Heather Haskins and her schnauzer/poodle mix, Beckett are pictured below in the foreground. 

When Heather adopted Beckett from a rescue in 2011, at just two months of age, he was a 7 pound runt with multiple health problems and a poor prognosis for survival.  Yet with the help of caring veterinarians and over a year of costly and difficult medical procedures, Becket not only survived but slowly grew into the energetic, loving  Schnoodle he is today.  

The only problems was, since the focus had always been on Beckett's physical health, none of his destructive behaviors had ever been corrected, so that he also grew into a somewhat unruly puppy who chewed and destroyed everything in sight and who was poorly socialized and anxious in public.  Since working with Crawmer's Animal Training, Heather has learned how to train herself to work with Beckett's individual personality, how to anticipate and correct his undesirable behaviors and how to reward and increase his desirable ones.  As a result, Beckett has become an obedient, calmer and much happier dog.  The relationship they have developed in obedience and agility classes has created an incredible bond and fostered a level of communication that can only come from working with experts who truly understand dogs and the dog-handler connection.

 Although Heather wasn't sure they were yet ready for competition, she entered the Patroon DTC AKC trial in Poestenkill, NY and worked extra hard with Catherine and Glenn in the weeks leading up to the event.  Not only were they ready, thanks to Crawmers, they were over-prepared and Beckett took 2nd place in Pally Novice A for  his first leg toward a title.   Most important of all, they had a wonderful experience together and are already preparing for an agility trial in a few weeks.  Thanks to Crawmer's Beckett is proof that with consistent, expert and individualized training, anything is possible!

                                        Heather Haskins and Beckett (foreground)


         Wendy Mahar's shepherd, Shiraz, was entered at the Patroon DTC AKC obedience and Rally Trial in Poestenkill, NY in September 2013.   This competition finished her last leg in Beginner Rally.  She also got her 2nd leg in Novice A.  Not only did she qualify for legs toward her titles she won!  First Place and Second Place in her classes AND Highest Scoring German Shepherd.  

FLASH!  We have just learned that Shiraz finished her AKC Companion Dog title at the Springfield Mass show.  This exceptional team of Wendy and Shiraz now has her Therapy Dog, Beginner Novice, Novice Rally titles as well as her latest..... CD title.  Of course she couldn't finish her CD without making a splash.  She took a 2nd place in her class!
Congratulations once again to Wendy and Shiraz!


         Wendy and Shiraz showing their latest ribbon!