Dog Training

Crawmer's Animal Training has programs for every imaginable type of dog training. No matter what type of problem you have or what sport  interests you Crawmer's will assist you!  Think it can't be done?  Think again!  If you have the willingness, Crawmer's has the way. 

No matter what your ultimate goals are so.................

 Let's start with the basics!


Can you train your dog exclusively at home?  NO! Not if you want to take him outside; walk him on the street, take him  to a veterinarian, a friend's house, or any public place. A lot of training needs to be done at home.  Of that there is no doubt, but home training is for inside the home. Most dogs will sit, come and stay in your kitchen and in front of your fridge and as long as you have a treat in your hand.  Doing your training exclusively in the home works well......just don't take him outside!

Maybe you take your puppy to a puppy class at a local pet store.  A pet store cashier, or anyone who has read a dog training book, can easily show you how to do some basics.  If the puppy is young enough he may be distracted by the treats to the point that he doesn't notice the other dogs and distractions.  By the time a young dog is 8 months old this typical scenario is no longer working.  He is distracted by what is going on around him. He doesn't care as much about the treats as he used to. Suddenly, the control you thought you had when he was a puppy is just not there!  
Dogs are NOT trained if the training does not include real life distractions. Your dog is not trained if you are not being taught how to handle the dog in ALL situations.

 Let's be honest with ourselves. Treats are great and an important means of communication, as far as it goes.  Unfortunately, it goes along just fine until there is something more interesting to him than the treats you are offering!  

CRAWMER'S BASIC TRAINING PROGRAMS teach you and your dog how to handle REALITY.  If you do not have control over your dog in ALL situations and if you don't have training that you can depend on     the simple truth is that ..........YOU HAVE NO TRAINING!

The CRAWMER'S BASIC TRAINING CLASS will prepare you and your dog correctly from the beginning to face the challenges and changes you and your dog will face as he goes from puppy to adult.  ALL ages of dogs start with the CRAWMER'S BASICS.  After all, if you don't know the alphabet you can't go to college.  Get your dog into a CRAWMER'S BASIC TRAINING PROGRAM as soon as you get him.  The earlier you start the easier it is!

Not As Young As He Used To Be?

  Do you have an older dog, a rescue dog maybe  a dog with special problems?  


Sure, it would have been better to train him when he was younger but you can't go backwards, you can only go forward from the place where you start.  Humans can learn at any age and so can dogs.  It has been so rewarding to see the progress made with dogs 6, 8, even 10 years old!  


Basic Training Classes typically will FILL QUICKLY.  

Register early to get the starting date of your choice.