Can you believe it?  The picture below was an improvement to his  condition when he was first found as a stray. This sad looking standard  poodle was found on the streets of Schenectady New York.  Near starved  to death when found, he is shown here resting in the yard after a few  good meals. Animal shelter personnel did their best to clean him up but  he, unfortunately, was a sad looking creature indeed!  

Now moving around a bit and with a few more pounds on him he started to feel a little better.

And then he got a home with Marcia Curran of Chatham, New York.  He is shown here a few months after he was found on the street, loved and cared for by his owner and groomed at Crawmer's Grooming. And now THIS is.........


             What a difference a lot of love makes.  Great job Marcia!  
                            He feels like he looks!  Fantastic!