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Flash, in the above photo, demonstrates the results of a common misunderstanding

Misunderstandings can be caused by not connecting with your pet!  How does a dog tell a child's toy from his own toy when most of us humans can't tell the difference ourselves?   And........ if you give a toy to a dog do you also get to tell him how he should play with it?  After all, ripping stuff up into small pieces is just plain fun even if a certain population of humans just don't seem to understand the appeal.  

Some pet behavior issues are funny but many are not. Nothing is worse than to have problems with your pet that prevent you from enjoying him.  After all, you didn't get a dog to spend your time stopping him from doing things.  Chewing and destroying things, Jumping on People, Dragging You Down The Street When You Walk Him, Running Away, Misbehavior In The Car, Aggression toward, family members, strangers, other pets or dogs walking by on the street.  Housebreaking issues alone have caused countless dogs to lose their homes.  The frustration of both pets and owners is upsetting to everyone involved.

Owners commonly describe their pets as vindictive, bold, defiant, belligerent, sneaky or spiteful.  If you have been thinking this way about your pet you need to call Crawmer's.

Solutions .....

are as varied as the individuals involved.  It can get pretty confusing when you get on the Internet and get the cookie-cutter fix its.  For chewing you do this and for leash pulling you do that!  Maybe!  But maybe not!  Let Crawmer's Animal Training set you up for success.  Let's take a look at the issues together.  We will figure it out.  We want to help you.  

Call us!   CRAWMER'S ANIMAL TRAINING  518 477-8230

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