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 Dog Agility  at Crawmer's

 Crawmer's Introduced Dog Agility To The Capital District almost 30 years ago.  Since then we have produced hundreds of winners who have titles and class placements in EVERY organization.  All Breeds.  All sizes of dogs!   They may start with issues and they end up with blue ribbons.  The largest agility training program with the largest array of equipment.  No waiting! Multiples of every piece of equipment.  Six see-saws, multiple tunnels, A host of unique  equipment designed by Crawmer's to speed you toward a winning performance. Crawmer's offers all phases of dog agility training from the Crawmer's Introduction To Obstacles Course to the Crawmer's Advanced Agility Program.  Classes in all levels.  Private lessons in all levels.  Problem solving!  Go from issues to BLUE RIBBONS and titles.  Our Advanced classes are FULL of the dogs you see in the winners circle at every agility competition.

The Crawmer's approach is totally unique having been developed over a period years by  professional trainers

Call today to get involved in  Crawmer's Agility 518 477-8230

Competition agility is now huge in the United States. Crawmer's Animal Training introduced the sport to the Capital District area almost 30

years ago. Since then thousands of dog owners and their pets have gone through the CRAWMER'S AGILITY PROGRAMS.

Many of those teams have gone on into competition in EVERY agility organization. At this point it is impossible to go to an agility competition in this area and not see CRAWMER'S graduates among the WINNERS.

It is not unusual to have graduates of CRAWMER'S BEGINNER AGILITY in the winners circle. The basic program is that good!

The CRAWMER'S advanced program members currently dominate the placements in some of the organizations. As a CRAWMER'S agility class member you will be introduced to the most innovative equipment and the most progressive ideology available anywhere.  


Agility is not about the equipment alone, however. Agility is about control. There is no advanced program anywhere which stresses the control to the degree that CRAWMER'S AGILITY PROGRAMS do.

There is no waiting for anything! Multiple equipment. Many tunnels, Multiple weave pole sets. several scaling walls, multiple and varied walks, multiple see saws and lots of room.

Excellent instructors! Glenn Stevans is director of the Crawmer's Animal Training Agility Program. From the first introduction to the obstacles to the first time you enter competition Glenn Stevans is there to help you.

Puppies, adults, children and seniors, there is a place for everyone. Agility is fun for all!

NO it is NOT true that dogs have to be a year and a half before they can start training in agility. They can't compete in competitions until the reach the required age, however, the training starts with puppies! Our puppies start at 8 weeks! Why? CRAWMER'S has transitional equipment! You won't find it anywhere else. Why? We invented it. Equipment for young dogs, small dogs and old dogs is smaller, shorter and easily accessible for those who will benefit from starting with it.

As the puppy grows, the equipment GROWS WITH HIM! The hardest part of training a puppy in agility is waiting until he is of an age where he can compete. That's why the CRAWMER'S AGILITY PROGRAMS are producing an incredible number of young winners.

Dogs have started agility at the age of 10 years and gone on to compete and win! Dogs are never too old to start agility. Those who are unable to compete can enjoy moving through obstacles and doing what they can at their physical level. It's not about competition for most people. It's about the FUN and the RELATIONSHIP. At CRAWMER'S your goals are our goals!  


It is not only young dogs who are successful. CRAWMER'S has the absolute best young people handling and WINNING. What a fantastic activity for children. Children as young as 6 years old can be seen handling dogs in class and in competition. What fun for the kids and the dogs as well!

Classes fill quickly. Sign up early for the program of your choice. CALL TODAY for a list of starting times and dates: (518) 477-8230

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