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All Breeds of Dogs Are Trained at Crawmer's

We have a love for the pit bulls.  Crawmer's Animal Training started a pit bull revolution in the Agility Competition ring at a time when there just were no pit bulls in agility.  The top winning black and white pit bull, Micki, owned and trained by Glenn Stevans absolutely set the agility rings on fire!  As fast as any border collie, Micki was the top winning pitbull terrier in competiton in the country at that time.  Because of this one pit bull many people saw the breed's potential and soon the agility rings included many pit bulls.  We are very proud of the contribution to the breed!

Got a pit bull, need training?  Call Crawmer's Animal Training. 

Coan. Seized during an animal cruelty raid in 1993, this white pitbull was about 1.6 years old when Crawmer's Animal Training acquired him. With visible signs of dog fighting experience came a host of behavior problems. "He was out to kill every animal I had", said Catherine Crawmer. We literally had to start training him in the parking lot because

every place he looked he saw an animal to attack. His redeeming quality was that he absolutely loved all human beings. It wasn't easy on anybody but in the end we had a great dog that lived with cats, birds and many other species and was trustworthy with all of them. He was the greatest dog with puppies who would crawl all over him. Birds walked by him and he never even looked at them. Coan appeared more than 30 times in media, on TV and in several newspaper articles. He went to children's programs to teach safe dog handling and approaches. He was perfectly behaved with children, no matter how young they were. He competed in agility and demonstrated tricks to the delight of his audiences.

Although we lost him at the age of 14 we still meet people who remember him well as the model of what could be done with a dog who had a very bad start in life.

Pitbulls are not for everyone. They are among the most determined and single minded of all dogs. This trait is the best thing about them..............and the worst thing about them. Aimed in the right direction this is a breed that will get the job done. Find it? You bet! He will search and the thought will not leave his head until he does find it. A great breed for detection work. Agility? Yes! A jump falls, the dog slips, it happens. When it happens many dogs are too upset to continue and some need retraining. Your average pitbull, however, won't notice a problem and will not be deterred by anything in his quest to get the job done.

The downfall is going to be a dog not trained at all. A dog with no job. It's not that he will not acquire training. Just because you don't train a dog doesn't mean that he is not learning something. Of course he is! Leaving what he learns to chance is foolish and it can be dangerous. A dog, of any breed, looks to a human for information. If the human doesn't provide it the dog will acquire it elsewhere. Then you have the ________ (you shouldn't use bad words on a web site) who encourage horrible behaviors for their own sick amusement or to make up for a mental disorder of some kind. The sad truth is that a dog can't instruct a person in moral character.

Crawmer's Animal Training has been front and center in many educational programs promoting the pit bull. Glenn Stevans has trained them for agility competitions. In 1992 there were very few pitbulls competing in agility around the country. Many people considered pitbulls for the sport after seeing Mickie, Happi and Coan who he was showing at the time. Today our obedience and agility classes are full of them. We are happy to have many pitbulls who have completed the Canine Good Citizen programs and are certified as Therapy Dogs.


Happy is shown here in agility competition with her owner and trainer, Glenn Stevans.

Found on the streets as a stray that nobody claimed, she found her way to a person and an activity that allowed her to shine as the star she really was.


with her favorite

person and trainer

Glenn Stevans

See more of her and

Glenn on the

Agility Page


Rocket is Glenn Stevan's latest dog training project. He was found on the streets as a stray and ended up at a municipal shelter where he was deemed "unadoptable" because of his many very objectionable behaviors. He found his way to Crawmer's Animal Training through a good hearted friend. It wasn't easy. This is A LOT OF DOG! A "flying cement block", Rocket has too much enthusiasm for a normal household. But, he's fine here! Agility, weight pulling, scent work, obedience, Rocket does it all and he is looking for more! He passed his American Temperament Test Society examination and is now engaged in ............EVERYTHING!

Extremely sure footed and with amazing balance, Rocket trots over a 5 1/2 inch

walk built for tiny dogs. He will try anything until he is successful.

He loves the 6 foot sliding board pictured in the background right.

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