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Crawmer's Introduced Agility to the Capital District almost 30 years ago and continues to produce top winners and title holders in all organizations.  Call today for the schedule to start your dog in a




Flash Bronze SW title 2 2 24.jpg


Had a great start in Feb 2024 He completed his Bronze SW title  Congratulations to his favorite human Karleen Hayden.  Fantastic!!

Mugsy and his owner Kathy Gower had huge success at their first agility trial with both legs toward titles and a first and second in his classes. Dazzler Poodles love agility competitions!

Emma and her mix breed Augie and, her mother,  MaryBeth with her Golden Retriever, Maize at their first agility trial.  Congratulations!



A brindle pitbull found on the streets and picked up as a stray started her career in USDAA agility trials owned and handled to several titles by Glenn Stevans

Dazzler Byron owned and handled to his USDAA and NADAC agility

titles by Glenn Stevans

 Glenn Stevans competing with one of our agility toy poodles Dazzler Vegas

Rocket, is pictured below.  A stray pitbull who had some habits that made him "unadoptable" Rocket was scheduled for euthanasia. It was quite a bit of work but that work resulted in a star performer. 

 Rocket passed his American Temperament Test Society examination with flying colors! His work continues in agility, scent work and weight pulling. Crawmer's Animal Training is unique in the introduction of Crawmer's Transitionary Agility Equipment. This equipment teaches particular skills that get dogs ready for standard obstacles. Some of this equipment is used to teach advanced control, footwork and confidence. Rocket is shown here on some of those unique obstacles.


Rocket on top of a 6 foot height A Frame

The 5 1/2 inch Narrow Walk

The 5 1/2 inch Narrow Walk

The Ladder Walk

             The Ladder Walk

The top of the Big Sliding Board

Sophia Morrell and Rita her very accomplished Corgi! One of their first agility trials resulted in achieving stardom! Sophia is also a very accomplished horsewoman winning jumping championships all over the USA.

If Rita, the Corgi, looks familiar to you, you are right! She is one of the models Crawmer's used for a highly advertised TV commercial shown statewide

Darby, trained by Karleen Hayden. Karleen's first agility competition dog. Darby acquired as a rescue with a host of behavior issues. She retired with numerous agility titles and awards as well as AKC Rally titles! 

Heather and Lily at their first agility competition. Lily is also a master trick dog!  Now with her first AKC title in trick work

Mike Gretten has been training his dogs with Crawmer's Animal Training for many years. In fact his mother, Joan, started with Crawmer's and her Old English Sheepdogs when Mike was just a baby!! Mike's rottweiller and pitbull have many titles in agility in the CPE organization and so many 1st place awards that he can't possibly provide the wall space to hang them all up! Ivy, his rottweiller is now retired and he continues to compete with Rocky, his fantastic pitbull both are featured above..


The little beagle is an incredible Therapy Dog, a job at which she excells but Jelly is also an agility dog!

Owned by Karleen Hayden

Jelly is the head beagle of the Crawmer's Advanced Program. With her own unique style she gets the job done!

The little guys do it too! No trouble clearing the jumps for this dog!

Will is a famous bulldog. Owned and handled in Agility Competitions by Pat Wright he has more agility titles and first place ribbons than one would think possible. He is a very special dog. Will has even appeared in several stage productions. A huge talent and a real star here at Crawmer's, Will is a dignified presence wherever he goes. It is near impossible to believe that our boy started out with a significant dog aggression issue. A highly sought after Therapy Dog, Will made LOTS of visits. His accomplishments serve as an example of what can be done if a person is determined to succeed as Pat Wright and her family surely were. Hurrah for Will! You are a real star!

Ariel is also owned by Pat Wright. She is a mixed breed dog with an incredible jumping ability. She is seen here flying down the Crawmer's jumping shoot!

Mighty Joe Young

He did it! Joey finished his titles and just

added C-ATCH3 and ChJP

He did it 4 seconds under time!

Joey is 12 years old and now semi-retired. Joey started at Crawmer's so many years ago and it has been a rare treat to see how far he has come. Really one of the great ones......

His present titles: C-ATCH3 ChST ChSN ChCL ChJU ChJP ChWC ChFH PD1 PG1 PK1 PJ1 Novice Versatility OAC

Bonnie Kelleher started her pitbull Mighty Joe Young with Crawmer's when he was 6 mon old. Mighty Joe is shown below at 11 1/2 years old.

Joe is still out there and enjoying every minute of it.

Bonnie tells his story: Joey was born in a NJ shelter . He and his siblings were taken in by the rescue group Out of the Pits Pit Bull Rescue. My husband and I adopted him when he was 14 weeks old. He started agility when he was about 6 mon old at Crawmer's Animal Training to help him overcome some shyness. He is 111/2 years old now and his agility career is winding down. He needs one more qualifying run to earn his C-ATCH3 and ChJP. Joey is a wonderful family companion and shares his home with three female pit bulls and a male weimaraner.  

Champion Joey jumping through a tire at his latest trial

    We are sorry to report that Mighty Joe has passed on. There is no time when we can feel good about losing one of the great ones. That being said there is no dog who could have been more loved and no situation for him better than the home and training offered by his owner, Bonnie.

    Below is one of the last pictures of our friend. We, here at Crawmer's are proud to have known him. Following the picture is an email sent by Bonnie to us and, with her permission, we are sharing it with you.

From Bonnie regarding Joey.......

Thank you so much Cathy and Glenn. You both, more than any other persons, (except me!) helped Joey become the special dog he was. He loved you guys. I am gonna miss him so much. He was his momma's boy. I had this photo taken of him this past summer with all his CPE agility Championship ribbons. He, up until 3 years ago, when he retired, was the first and only Pit Bull to achieve the CATCH-3 and all the other Championships that come with it. I 'm very proud, and your and Glenn's perserverence with us, made it happen. Thanks again.



Bonnie's newest competitor:



Her present titles:



Bonnie tells Samantha's story:

Samantha was brought to an upstate NY shelter as a stray. After 6 mon there she was scheduled to be euthanized due to lack of space. She was rescued by Out of The Pits, but due to the lack of foster homes she was kept in boarding for almost a year with no adoption applicants. My husband and I became her foster parents when room opened in our household. She was about 3 years old at that time and had spent half of her life in a cage. She fit so well into our family that we adopted her soon after. From there she took the Canine Good Citizen test and her Therapy Dog Test. Samantha has had monthly Therapy Dog visits at a local women't prison, nursing home and elementary school for several years. She is loved by all who she visits. She started doing agility shortly after her Therapy work started. ?She took to training immediately, but lacked focus to compete off leash. After training at Crawmer's and working hard on her focus, she is not only competing off leash, but is titling and placing! Samantha is now 7 years old and is a beloved family member who shares her home with Joey, a male Weimaraner and two other female pit bulls.

  And Now...... Billy!..... just starting out with Bonnie in Agility

Arwen Vicky.jpg

Arwen a Scottish Deerhound owned by Vicki Smith Grandin

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