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Scent Detection


Where Is The Scent Training?  Well, at Crawmer's Animal Training, of course!

.Tracking  .Forensic Scent Work  . Unique Scent Detection Needs:  Your dog can be trained to detect specific scents.  Programs for your specific needs will be designed by a Crawmer's  professional trainer. Private and On Location Sessions can be arranged.  We can help you with scent detection problems, proofing issues and design programs to overcome the distractions inhibiting your results.  

What do you need?  Let's talk about it.  Call Crawmer's Animal Training 518 477-8230

For The Average Dog Owner It Can Be A Fun Thing To Do With Your Dog

One of the most exciting sports to come along in quite a while is the sport of canine scent work. This affords dog sport enthusiasts an opportunity to engage in a unique form of dog training. The best part of it all is that any breed or mix breed dog is welcome to engage in this fun and exciting activity. Titles are offered by a number of organizations for dogs completing the requirements of various levels of training. Some of the organizations use various essential oils. Dogs are trained to indicate the presence of the designated scent. The training is fun and beneficial for the dog both mentally and physically. Any age dog and any size dog can engage in this rewarding activity. Children love to see their dog find the scents!  Fun to do at home or to obtain titles offered by a number of organizations.

The scents are located in various places which may include rows of boxes, indoor venues such as a warehouse, outdoor locations, above ground, buried and the exterior of vehicles. For those seeking to add titles to their dog's resume it can be fun and exciting. As each title is gained the dog can move up to the next level and face new challenges and more advanced training 

The joy of working with a dog in scent detection is a new experience for many people. Anyone can do it and any dog can do it. 

 Put your dog's nose to work and you will both have a lot of fun!

                                SEARCHING BOXES

Rocket (pitbull) with his handler Glenn Stevans

Pinky (Labrador ) with her handler Shari Mantini

Shiraz (Shepherd) with her handler Wendy Maher

Dogs are also trained to find specific scents in vehicles, indoor and outdoor as well as scents buried in the ground!!

The Crawmer's Advanced Program includes work on scent detection for those who are interested in the sport.  There are several organizations offering titles in this interesting activity.  The opportunity to teach your dog something that both he and you will enjoy is the real goal however.  Any age dog can do it.  Literally, an 8 week old puppy can start training in scent detection.  For those dogs who are unable to jump or may have limited mobility for one reason or another this may be the sport for that dog.

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