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            Glenn Stevans at the New England Street Tactics Seminar

for police, K-9 officers

These leads are perfect for law enforcement application or the serious sport competitor.  When quality matters!  You need the right equipment for the job.  The Gold Line Leather Lead is that perfect equipment.



Gold Line snap and rivets are real brass. Not brass covered!  REAL BRASS!

The snap is top quality, strong and reliable. The rivets are solidly placed for maximum strength.

Gold Line Leather Leads are coated with moisture resistance acrylic. 

The snap and handle sections are glued, dried overnight and then the All Brass rivets are placed at both the hook and handle

providing unparalleled strength and security.


There are two leather weights, 10-12 ounce and the thicker 13-15 ounce, which denotes the thickness of the quality leather used.  All leads are approximate length and width due to the hand tooled nature of the Gold Line Leather Leads.

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