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Grooming is an art. Whether you have a purebred or a mixed breed your dog deserves a hairstyle that fits his personality. While basic things have to be done regularly such as nail trimming and ear care grooming is also an important part of a dogs life. Short hair dogs need regular bathing and brushing but the long coat dogs may require far more. It is amazing to see how a long hair dog can be transformed from an unkempt look into a showpiece. Each dog has a unique look when he leaves Crawmer's Grooming.   The beautiful shih tzu mix above is Crawmer's own Peachie.  If she looks familiar she should.  Peachie, a well established model, appeared many times on TV Channel 13 mid day news to show a number of grooming styles as well as a number of trained behaviors.  She appeared on the cover of the Hudson Valley Community College catalog for non-credit courses.  Mix breed dogs have many options for hairstyles.  At Crawmer's each dog is groomed to present  a look as unique as the dog himself.   

Pictured above is Peachie, one of Crawmer's own.  With more than 20 media appearances she may look familiar to you. 
 Over the years she has had multiple looks.  That is the fun of having a long haired dog.  Try a new haircut for your pet!!


Heading 3

Owned by Joanne Hughes
A unique racing stripe in his favorite color

Harrison a lovely ScottisTerrier and  Bogart
a beautiful Sealyham Terrier owned by PamelaPage.  Bogart is an AKC Grand Champion who was #2 in the USA while he was being shown.

Dazzler Flash (left) and Dazzler Tiberius (right)
Christmas owned by Karleen Hayden

Heather Hamlin and Lily in her Santa Claus outfit.  Lily is a member of the Crawmer's Advanced Agility Class as well as being one of our favorite grooming clients

Laura Kelly and her two beautiful miniature poodles, Alfie and Penny, after her grooming appointment.  All ready for Christmas!

Lola is a 16 year old Pekingese

Lola is owned by the Mayer family.  She is one of our favorites!  She likes a short body coat, a big tail and a cute round head.  Just because you have a purebred dog doesn't mean that you are limited in creativity.  Short, long, somewhere in between, pick your style!  There are many reasons to shorten the coat of a breed not traditionally clipped.  Crawmer's Grooming can design something special for your dog that brings out his personality and makes it easier for you to maintain his coat.

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