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Rodney Has A Few Words To Share With You

Rodney, a 32 year old Double Yellow Head Amazon Parrot is a member of the Crawmer's Animal Training Team.   Not one to hold back, he is an excellent talker and is quite willing to share his viewpoints on a variety of subjects in true Amazon parrot style.

Bird Training

Crawmer's Animal Training trains all species of birds!  It is so unfortunate that people have birds that they can't enjoy simply because they either can't handle the bird or just don't know how wonderful the relationship between human and pet bird can be!  Catherine Crawmer started training birds at age 9!  She had an entire troupe of trained parakeets.  At the same time she started working in a pet store every weekend and two nights a week after school.  In that time she worked with Macaws, Amazons, Toucans, and a number of other large birds.  Birds were popular pets at that time and there was a lot of public interest in them especially for people who could not have dogs and cats for one reason or another.  These days birds are just as popular but, unfortunately, very few bird owners have a truly satisfying relationship with their pet birds.  Birds are far more than just beautiful.  You can reach a new relationship with your bird when you train him.  Simple tricks, getting on and off a perch, eating from your hand, sitting on an open perch, all these things are possible.  

Let Crawmer's Animal Training help you reach that new and satisfying relationship with your pet bird.

 Crawmer's has been engaged in all types of bird training for both science and pet owners.  All species including poultry have been trained at Crawmer's Animal Training and we will be happy to assist you with your bird, no matter his species.  


Unfortunately biting is a huge problem for owners of pet parrots.  This is so sad since it is the primary reason why birds are rehomed.  It doesn't have to be that way!  Call Crawmer's Animal Training.  We want to help you with your biting parrot today!!

If you have a bird or many birds and you need help with management, proper set up, basic training or putting on a professional show call Crawmer's Animal Training.  518 477-8230 

Interested In An Educational or Entertaining Presentation?

Catherine Crawmer has appeared as a guest speaker at a number of bird events including  Parrot Clubs and Behavior Conventions and held workshops for professionals who want to work more effectively with birds.  Videos on Catherine's bird training have been presented by applied behavior experts all over the world demonstrating the scientific principles of animal training.  We have done a number of presentations on training and problem solving to bird clubs and at educational conferences.  Call Crawmer's Animal Training!

It's not only the big birds that put on the best shows.  These cockatiels, trained by Catherine Crawmer, demonstrate the talents possible from the smaller guys!  Your bird can be trained too!

A simple or elaborate training set up can be put together on a table.  This colorful playground is both fun for the birds and the trainer.  What a wonderful way to spend time with you pet bird!

Do you have a pet bird, or several, of any species, that you would like to train?  Call Crawmer's Animal Training today 

518 477-8230

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