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 Will Crawmer's Train My Dog For Me?

While it is not always appropriate, there are instances where Crawmer's will take a dog and train him on a residential basis. Unfortunately, it makes little sense to train a dog and hand him back to an owner who is not willing to continue working with the dog. Such training is short lived at best. Dog training is just like any other endeavor: You get out of it what you put into it. Dogs don't care how much money you spend. Training a dog develops an intimate relationship between the dog and the person who is doing that training. This is a relationship that cannot be easily transferred to another person.

In some situations an owner just needs to get a dog started in one area or another, solve a particular problem or teach a new behavior in a short period of time. In cases where an owner will take an active role after the work is done Crawmer's will design a program to accommodate the need and train the dog here at Crawmer's to accomplish the owner's objectives. All training will include a program for the owner to follow after the Crawmer's Residential Training is completed.

The following video is an example of what can be done in a short period of time with a very green but very enthusiastic young dog.

Training In Kennel

 In board  training can be a lifeline for an owner with particular needs.  It does not replace the need for owner involvement!  All in board training will  include a program to help the owner handle and practice with his trained dog. There are many reasons for an owner to choose the board and train option.  Family situations may take an owner out of the area for a time.  Heath concerns may make handling a dog impossible.  Some specialized training is difficult for a dog owner to start.  Some behavior problems initially involve more than an owner can handle.  Polishing a performance is another really good reason to put a dog in the Crawmer's board and train program.  Service Dogs are commonly sent to the Crawmer's board and train program for both their initial training and to polish up behaviors that may need work.  Competition dogs benefit greatly by the Crawmer's board and train program.  Got one nagging problem?  Crawmer's in board training can make your dog into the winner you know he can be.

Click on below and see a 4 month old puppy who just started

Other Animal Species

Depending upon the species, and the need, Crawmer's Animal Training may be able to accommodate other animals in a boarding training situation. Please call and let us know what kind of animal you have and what your goals are.

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