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Crawmer's Animal Training  Dog Training 

Crawmer's has a number of programs to help you accomplish your goals with your dog.

Private and On Location Instruction

Problem Correction

Unfortunately, owners may find themselves facing some issues that challenge the dog and owner relationship.  Sometimes it is something like housebreaking.  A minor inconvenience maybe when the dog is a puppy but quite another when the pet is 3 years old!   Destroying the house.  Leave for an hour and come back to a disaster involving furniture?  Maybe you have two or more pets that don't get along.  A dog biting or snapping at family members?  Every time someone comes to the front door do you worry about a lawsuit?  Do you have a dog jumping all over a young child to the point where the dog spends more time in the basement than he does with you?  Safety is first.  If your dog is acting in what you know is causing a potentially hazardous situation DON'T WAIT!  Call Crawmer's Animal Training and set up some private instruction in your home or at your business location.  Training classes are good for social situation training but you may also benefit from on location training for particular issues.  Sometimes a combination of both will fit the bill.  Crawmer's travels.  We go to where you are.  In area visits are available days, evening and weekends.  Distance and out of State private and on location visits are available.  After more than 45 years in the animal training business Crawmer's is one of  the most established professional training companies in the country.  We are very busy.  There are a few emergency dates set aside for certain situations but as a rule it is necessary to book ahead!!  

There is a lot of science in animal training.  Big words and unfamiliar terminology can be used by some "trainers" to make you think that you couldn't possibly understand it.  There is a lot of information out there which sometimes confuses the new pet owner.  Hopefully, some of the following information will be helpful to you.  I think you will find that animal training is just a lot of common sense.  You can do it.  All you need is the appropriate information and a little help!

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