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The best and most honest answer is........maybe. Did you know that there are all kinds of therapy dog work? Visiting the elderly in nursing homes and hospitals are well known venues for therapy dog visits but there is so much more! Disabled veterans, people involved in drug therapy, those struggling with mental disabilities, physical therapy sessions, children and adult with social contact issues, children with reading challenges........ the list is endless. It is a matter of getting the right dog in the right job.

And then there is YOU! You are handling the dog. He is not making these visits by himself! How well do YOU do in situations that can be challenging? How do you relate to the people you will be visiting with your dog?

Not all dogs are suited to this work and not all dog owners are suited for it either.

There ARE activities for every dog and every person and there is one for YOU and YOUR dog and CRAWMER'S ANIMAL TRAINING has a program for whatever you are interested in. If THERAPY DOG VISITS are the direction for you and your dog you have come to the right place.

CRAWMER'S has a THERAPY DOG training program that continues to produce the best therapy dog teams around. Our classes are full of trained and working certified THERAPY DOG TEAMS.

WE TAKE IT SERIOUSLY! Therapy Dogs are both born and made. Dogs with stable temperaments, properly trained for the work and under complete control of the owner are representing not only themselves but Therapy Dogs in general and, in our way of looking at it...........Crawmer's Animal Training.

When you are told by a Crawmer's instructor that you are ready to take the Therapy Dog can believe it. You will be prepared on every aspect of the testing procedure. You will be familiar with the testing procedure. Your dog will be trained BEYOND the expectations of that test. Call today! We want to talk to you about the Crawmer's Therapy Dog training program!

This bulldog started out in agility! His work as a working Therapy Dog, visiting nursing homes, was the real calling for this special team. Donna and Bubba.....both stars in our book!



Surrounded by some of her many fans at a school visits it's Jelly, the therapy beagle, owned by Karleen. Jelly is great with children as well as the elderly.


She started out as a rescue dog in very poor

physical health. Karleen adopted her, changed Jelly's diet, put her on an exercise program and changed her life. Karleen and Jelly are

a fantastic Therapy Dog team!



The three photos above are of Tyler, a beautiful Rottweiler Therapy Dog, owned by Barbara LaPointe. Tyler recently lost his short battle with cancer at only 8 years of age. His loss was strongly felt by the many people he visited in his work as a Therapy Dog. Tyler had a particular gift with children. Barbara related one instance when visiting a child in hospice. Tyler had never done it before but he "flowed like water" into the child's bed to be closer to him, touching not only the child but all those who witnessed this dog's remarkable ability to know exactly what the child needed.

A gentle giant, Tyler, was loved by all who knew him. Many dogs are doing Therapy work but Tyler was truly born to be a Therapy Dog. Tyler was one of a kind.

As in often true in Therapy Dog work, the real impact a dog makes is not always evident to the dog's human partner. Barbara was overwhelmed by the cards and letters she received relating to her just how much Tyler meant to those he visited. There will never be another like you Tyler.


Pictured below is, Bailey, Barbara LaPointe's second Therapy Dog. He is a beautiful Golden Retriever. Bailey has been a member of the LaPointe family since he was 6 weeks old. Barbara's goal was Therapy Dog work!

Bailey started out as a pretty lively puppy! There were many days when Barbara wondered if he would make it. However, with persistence and the guidance and the help of Crawmer's Animal Training he did it!

Bailey's neighbors, friends and family are amazed.

With plenty of work and determination Barbara and Bailey passed both the Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog International tests.

Bailey started his Therapy Dog visits at Roessleville Elementary School in the South Colonie School District. Barbara and Bailey continue volunteering at Community Hospice of Albany County.

If Bailey looks familiar, he should. Bailey is the Golden Retriever who Crawmer's Animal Training trained and used in the TV commercial for MVP insurance!




Robert is pictured above, is loved by his therapy dogs. The Great Dane Bebe is one of them, a sweet and very large companion for Robert who enjoys petting and sleeping with her. Bebe is owned by Pat Wright who also owns Will, and Ariel pictured on the Agility Pictures page.


Therapy Dogs are dogs who have completed training and passed the Therapy Dog Test designed by one of the national therapy dog registries may visit schools, senior facilities, hospitals and many other venues.

Scientific research has clearly shown the many benefits of animal related therapy for both physically and mentally handicapped citizens as well as children and seniors.

Both big and small dogs can be Therapy Dogs. They don't get much larger than Saxon, the Shepherd owned by Wendy Maher. This team is actively involved in Therapy Dog work and doing a great service for the community.

Crawmer's Animal Training is proud to have so many dogs and handlers who have gone on to Therapy Dog visits. They have included many breeds both large and small and many mixed breeds. Particularly wonderful have been the many pit bulls, Crawmer's graduates who are serving the community as Therapy Dogs We couldn't be prouder of the great contribution made by all these teams.

Many people start basic obedience training to solve common behavior problems and wind up getting involved in dog related activities that benefit not only themselves and their dogs but also the community at large.

There are far more facilities that want visits by Therapy Dogs than there are dogs to fill the need. Daytime, evening and weekend visits are available. Therapy Dog teams can find a facility that meets their own availability. It's fun for all and beneficial to all, both dog and human. What a great activity to involve yourself in. It is also interesting to note that most Crawmer's dogs that are working as Therapy Dogs are also actively involved in agility competition and other sports. You can do it all with the same dog!

Nobody is bored at Crawmer's Animal Training.

Crawmer's Animal Training takes the training of these Therapy Dogs very seriously. Advanced dog training classes at Crawmer's includes training for and preparation for both the Therapy Dog tests as well as the Canine Citizen tests.


Saxon, owned by Wendy Maher, is a Therapy Dog with the important task of visiting children in medical facilities

Gentle giants like Saxon do a wonderful job of

comforting children who may be missing their own dog at home.

The physical and emotional benefits of dog therapy visits are well documented for both children and adults.

Not every dog can do this kind of work. Dogs who are patient and trustworthy, been well trained and are tested and certified can offer a valuable service to the community.

Thank you Saxon and Wendy for all the work you are doing for the children!

Linda Keeley and her poodle, Dazzler Demetrius, known better as Ned, visiting Robert.  Dazzler Poodles are fantastic at Therapy Work

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