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Gold Line are premium leather leads designed by and for professional trainers, Police and other LE as well as serious sport trainers. Gold Line leads are the strongest available. All connections of leather at the hook end and handle are glued first followed by multiple, SOLID brass rivets, in both the handle and hook the end. These extra steps ensure maximum security. Hooks are also SOLID brass, not brass covered or dipped! All construction is the same on the smaller leads. The smaller leads have smaller hooks, so difficult to find, but necessary for smaller dogs. Every lead is infused with a special acrylic coating, affording the ultimate in weather protection and durability. Every Gold Line lead is personally inspected by Glenn Stevans. If it doesn't rise to the level of his exacting approval, it doesn't go to Crawmer's Animal Training customers. There is no finer leather dog training lead on the market today. Gold Line Latigo Leads available in black and some Burgundy only. Gold Line Bridle Leads come in 3 colors (when available) Black. Light Tan and Brown

1/2 Inch 6 Ft Latigo Burgundy

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