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Premium leather leads, matching choke type leather collars, instant release and buckle collars and other specialty leather training equipment are available exclusively at Crawmer's Animal Training.


The Gold Line leads are the strongest available with multiple brass bolts in both the handle and hook ensuring maximum security. Every lead is infused with a special acrylic coating affording the ultimate in weather protection and durability. This lead is made for the professional or serious training enthusiast who appreciates the best in training tools.


Each leather dog training item is personally inspected by Glenn Stevans.

If it doesn't rise to the level of his exacting approval it doesn't go to Crawmer's customers.


There is no finer leather dog training lead on the market today. 

The approximate 6' length is ideal for formal training. There is a also a 4 foot available as well as various specialty Tabs for specific application. Many professionals such as obedience, field trainers, and law enforcement prefer the one inch wide and the 3/4 inch wide options. All leather leads have solid brass heavy duty bolt snap. Due to the handmade nature, lengths are approximate.


FLASH !! We have currently available a few RARE 7 foot and 8 foot leads! Why is this important? It is near impossible to find a top quality extra length lead. Very few leather hides are 7 or more feet long! These leads are continuous leather, exactly the same as our shorter versions. Most of what you see in long leather leads are soaked, stretched and mixed with materials other than leather to get what they are telling you is an extra long leather lead. Don't be fooled! We can't take orders because we don't know when we will have these leads again. They are not on the order page for that reason. Right now we have a few. If interested call us 518 477-8230


This length is fantastic for law enforcement application, service dogs, tracking dogs, protection work, schutzhund and scent work.


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            Glenn Stevans at the New England Street Tactics Seminar

for police K-9 officers


The snap and rivets are real brass. Not brass covered but REAL BRASS

The snap is top quality, strong and reliable. The rivets are not going anywhere! These leads do not get loose snaps and never fall apart.

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There are various widths for different size dogs and various applications

The handles are riveted with solid brass fixtures. Absolutely strong!

Rocket is wearing a beautiful Gold Line 1 inch wide choke and 6 foot 1 inch lead

Buddy is wearing the one inch wide set

Try finding a one inch wide leather choke! Only Gold Line has them! Easy on the dog's neck yet afford excellent control

Lily is modeling a narrower version. She looks great speeding around the agility courses she loves

No dog is faster or more stylish than Lily!

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Collars!! The buckle collar above is great for the growing puppy. It is beautiful, durable and absolutely the strongest collar you can acquire anywhere.

The non-adjustable collar below is for the adult dog who is ready for his permanent size collar. Easy on and easy off! Perfect for every day but a real asset for the working dog, protection work, law enforcement, service dogs or agility, rally and obedience competition

The Gold Line features the absolute best leather choke collars on the market today. Several widths are available for small to large dogs. Strong, solid brass rivets and rings make these collars both beautiful and unique. You simply cannot find leather collars of this quality in this many optional sizes and widths

    Sometimes you need a shorter lead. The Gold Line leather dog training equipment has what you need.  

For list of lengths and widths

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Short or "traffic leads" have specific

application and are made from the same top quality materials as the longer versions

Leather Training Choke Type Collars

These hard to find black latigo leather training collars go beautifully with the Crawmer's black latigo leather leads. Infused with the same acrylic material

these collars are not only attractive but durable and weather resistant. Crawmer's Leather Training Collars are carefully designed to afford a smooth action and quick release. Multiple brass bolts perfectly match the Leather Leads and come in a variety of widths to suit every need.

Beauty Strength Durability

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available lengths and widths

Those who use prong collars

are aware of the safety concerns of a sudden prong collar failure. These leather couplers insure that, should your prong collar snap off you still have your dog on lead. The lead snaps on the ring, the short side goes on the prong collar, the longer side on your back up collar. These couplers match the Gold Line leads and collars. They are all brass and come in a variety of widths

For those who prefer a simpler coupler we have those
available as well

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Order Page for more detail on couplers    

Couplers have various applications. Hunting dog,

law enforcement, service dog, tracking and scent work trainers have use for couplers in one form or another. It is the type of tool you are happy to have when you need it and nothing else will do


Crawmer's Animal Training recommends what we feed to our own dogs. This excellent dry food is great for both small and large dogs and provides outstanding nutrition for dogs in all stages of life.

Although bags of food are available in our retail store it may be more convenient to have it delivered right to your door by the UPS! No driving. No hauling bags around! It's easy! One phone call! The food is made in NY and Conn. and will be shipped to you from Conn. The service is fast. The company has been in business since 1999 and prides itself on producing a quality product.



1- (877) 387-4564

Give customer ID: 20216179   

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The World's First Book On Training Cats For Agility

This Book Covers Trick Training and Problem Correction

Two Awards From The International Cat Writer's Association!!

Order your copy today

 "Cats are the most unappreciated companion animal on earth." The truth of this quote by Catherine Crawmer is clearly illustrated in her book on training cats. The capabilities of the average house cat are demonstrated starting with basic training on such commands as Come, Sit, and Lie Down. Then the real surprises start. You may have seen cats doing agility equipment but do you know where it all started?

Catherine Crawmer introduced the world to cat agility training in 2000 and in 2001 published this book on the subject. Not only cat sized indoor equipment is being used. Here you will see a house cat working outdoor on FULL SIZE dog agility equipment, including the full operation of the regulation full size see -saw and the jumping of 24 inch high hurdles.

Not only does this book show the surprising truth of what can be done with a cat it also gives the average cat owner the step by step program and the tools to accomplish these things himself.

Perfect for adults or children, this book really breaks cat training down so that anyone can understand it.

There is also a chapter on the training of big cats for those interested in zoo animal training and husbandry management.

Worldwide shipping on all products. 

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